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The classify and appraisal of leather
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 That affect fur quality of raw hides many factors, but can be divided into two major categories of natural and anthropogenic factors. Natural factors, including the species, sex, beast of age, health status, living areas, production season.

     2.1 Category: Zhi Qiu animal species of origin of raw hides and skins of the value in use of raw hides a greater impact in fur acquisition provisions species than poor "or" varieties than poor ". Fur Series merchandise leopard skin, leopard skin to 100%. Mugwort leopard skin 65%, 50% moire leopard skin, the red spring leopard skins, sesame leopard skin, raccoon leopard skin, ink leopard skin are 20%.

     2.2 Gender: male and females between the size and quality of hides big difference. Product acquisition provisions of the male and female ratio difference. Water mink skin is 100% and females 80%.

     2.3 beast of age: strong age animal fur quality is better, thick long aging beast plush, gloss, hard thick leather board, rough.

     2.4 living areas: cold regions, tropical regions the production of fur quality, generally cold regions fur quality is good, but raw hides are based on patterns or spots warmer climate regions the production of fur pattern spots were clear, the quality is better. Fur has regional characteristics, quality, and provide different region than difference ".
      The 2.5 to fetch skin season: different seasons fur significant quality differences. Therefore, timely to master to take the skin time, take the skin should be conducted before the fur maturity of identification.

      Human factors, including feeding and management methods and primary processing technology to take the skin, fur storage custody, packaging and transportation.

      3. Fur quality of identification: the hair length, fineness, sharpness, density, thickness of the skin plate, elongation, crack strength, tear strength, etc. can be measured by the instrument. Universal sensory identification method, see, touch, blow, smell, with practical experience, according to the processing requirements and grade criteria for quality appraisal. Identification plush quality flick, a second look at the three touch, four blown.

      Shaking the skin: first fur on the test bench, first with his left hand to hold the skin after buttocks, kiss nose, then his right hand holding the skin gently shake up and down, while observing the quality of plush.

      See: huge plush, degree of flexibility in its color and luster, the Maofeng whether flush, back, abdominal hair color are the same with or without disability or defect, and the shape and size of the tail.

      Touch: the touch, the softness of the the Paper Plate emaciated degree of density and stuffed.

      Blow: check plush dispersed or recovery of villus growth of its color (white velvet or gray underfur).

      Smell: the fur storage improper appear spoiled when a rotten odor.

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